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Alfresco Picnic with Cheeseboard and Stylish Tote Bag

Alfresco Picnic with Cheeseboard and Stylish Tote Bag

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This summer treat includes 1 bottle of Acacia Road Sauvignon Blanc. This South African Sauvignon is lively and fresh with an abundance of zingy grapefruit and apple flavours softened by hints of ripe melon. Grapefruit and green apple shine from the glass with a lovely honeydew melon to soften the finish. A marvellous addition to a lovely alfresco picnic.

1 Mature Cheddar naturally smoked over beechwood chips for a smoky depth deep flavour.

1 Mature Cheddar with a perfect balance of rich roasted garlic and garden herb for a delicious savoury taste and creamy texture.

Perfect pairing with a mini caramelised chutney and traditional pickle. Enjoyed with Peter Yard sourdough flatbreads crafted from Shipton Mill flour, British rapeseed oil and poppy, sunflower, pumpkin and nigella seeds, then seasoned with hand-harvested Halen Môn sea salt. Savour the crunch by adding your favourite dips.

Packed with a stylish insulated cream and black tote bag and large cheeseboard.

1 x Beechwood Snowdonia Naturally Smoked Mature Cheddar

1 x Green Thunder Cheddar Cheese with Roasted Garlic and Herbs

1 x 16 Peter Yard Flatbreads

1 x Mini Onion Caramelised Chutney

1 x Traditional Pickle

1 x Orkney Oat Cakes

1 x Large round bread and cheeseboard

1 x Insulated Stylish Cool Tote Picnic Bag.

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